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Welcome to the Shillverse

The Shillverse is a passion project which started on Altura (Binance Smart Chain), it combines a love of tinkering, game-making & pixel art into a NFT-enhanced gameplay experience. Originally working through a discord bot and interacting with the Altura API, it has since migrated to the XRPL (XRP Ledger). It now utilizes a lightweight web design to perform much of the same function originally available.
The Shillverse is not intended to be a "Play 2 Earn" game, while you can earn in-game currencies which you can trade for XRPL NFTs, these are not intended to be a form of currency themselves. The Shillverse instead strives to be an interactive gameplay experience that experiments with the possibilities that NFTs provide
Shill Punks are the primary NFT at the center of our gameplay experience. These Punks can train & explore to level up and find loot! Actions are limited to 5 per day,resetting at midnight UTC, although this may change in future with balance updates.
  • Migrated From BSC: 355
  • Initial XRP Price: 80 $XRP

Batches of Shill Punks will be released at the time with the price increasing if a batch sells out. New Shill punks will be minted once all migrated Punks are sold/transferred. The total supply of Shill Punks will never surpass 10,000.

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Shillverse planets are not yet migrated to XRPL however they will bring a new element to the game, such as building, transport & passive loot opportunities. These and more will continue to expand the Shillverse continuously!

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